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Ujjwala Oil Diffuser Mehraab

Sale price₹ 1,290.00

An ode to PM's Ujjwala Yojna for replacing village wooden chulhas (stoves) with smokeless clean fuel, the Ujjwala Range of Essential Oil Diffusers induce aroma and soothe senses. Deriving its form from regional Chulhas,

the Hand Thrown Terracotta base is topped with a borosilicate glass bowl for hosting fragrant oils. Mughal motif cutouts referring to Mehraab (place of prayer facing Mecca) and Boota (Ayurvedic healing herbs) provide a resting place for the tealight. Ignite the light of your mind, and create fragrant tranquil spaces with the Ujjwala Oil Diffusers.

Ujjwala Oil Diffuser Mehraab hand thrown terracotta handcrafted table top lighting home decor
Ujjwala Oil Diffuser Mehraab Sale price₹ 1,290.00