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Pokhran Burrow Table Lamp

Sale price₹ 6,800.00

The soil of Pokharan, near indo-pak border, famous as a site for Indian Nuclear tests, is now glowing the dim corners. Sculpted by traditional potters from Pokharan, pink-terracotta forms balance the fusion with wood and brass.

Hushed illumination blends well with the ambience through variants for tabletop, ceiling and wall-mounted lamps. Porous feel of Pokharan terracotta, illuminates the craftsmanship in soft geometric modern forms.

The Pokhran Burrow lamps have an angular cut creating an amorphous shape, tricky to acquire in the firing of terracotta. The gentle slope makes this an accent piece unique for wall-mounted & table lamps.

Pokhran Burrow Table Lamp
Pokhran Burrow Table Lamp Sale price₹ 6,800.00