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Mukhwass Supari Spoon Holder

Sale price₹ 1,800.00

Mukhwaas Supari, a spectacular range of dining accessories, is inspired by the essential after-meal Indian snack. Crafted of wood and striking green Patina on Brass, the objects are painstakingly hand-etched in Supari beetlenut patterns with Naqqashi craft. The range includes a 'Supari Box' with useful divisions for snacks/ dryfruits/ knick-knacks and a stunning Spoon Holder.

The quirky Toothpick Holder blooms to reveal its booty while the witty Napkin Holder has a magnetic adjustable back keeping every perfectionist happy at heart! The Doublesided Foodsafe Tray spruces up the space, to make Mukhwaas Supari Range, a perfect festive essential for your home!  

Mukhwaas supari Spoon Holder handcrafted in wood and hand etched patina naqqashi craft home object serving table top spoon holder festive essential
Mukhwass Supari Spoon Holder Sale price₹ 1,800.00