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Maahi Kool Bottle

Sale price₹ 1,490.00

Maahi Kool Earthenware bottles by Anantaya celebrate the wisdom of ‘Matka’, 
the traditional Indian Terracotta water pot. Widely used by ancient civilizations,
the wholly impervious property of fired clay pottery, cools water naturally. It is alkaline, porous and natural, keeping the heat away. The swank hand thrown terracotta base is mounted with a turned wooden spin-top.

Anantaya encourages you to embrace energy saving sustainable practices that meet the needs of a modern population. Available in two finishes; reduction fired Black or oxidized Natural, choose the uber kool earthenware bottles to beat the heat naturally!

Use & Care : For removing white deposits, soak terracotta in a mixture of 1 part white vinegar to 20 parts water for 30 minutes. Use hot water and gentle non-abrasive cleaning pad to scrub away any deposits.

Color:Oxidised Black
water bottle. container, hand crafted bottle, sustainable botle
Maahi Kool Bottle Sale price₹ 1,490.00