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Luxury Candle Terracotta

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The Soy & Bees wax-based​ luxury​ Candles​ in hand-turned earthenware jars​ refer ​to the traditional Indian Terracotta pot of fired clay pottery, used since ancient civilizations. ​Therapeutic​ ​blends free from paraffin and petroleum products with fine scents from pure plant essential oils have been interwoven with ​extracts of seductive flowers, exotic spices​ ​to create sensual​ combinations.

​Sootless and ​Handcrafted, with the highest quality materials, they excite the sense​s and ​create​ ​a ​spiritual ambiance while promoting a healthy home environment​.​​​​ The handcrafted oxidized ​natural Red and ​reduction fired ​Black terracotta vessels come with their own lids, to keep the candle clean when not in use​.

RATRI- The Meteo​r​: Clarifying, Uplifting, Warming A strong smelling ​Amaya Tara ​blend that is purifying and uplifting. ​RATRI (night) ​with Citronella ​oil creates an amorous atmosphere and acts as an insect repellent. Clean crisp, a rosy-floral, lemony aroma that also relieves painful muscles and joints, nervous exhaustion. Light up this crisp blend to cleanse and uplift.​ ​​K​ey oils: Citronella​

​PRATAH- The Earth: Sensuous, Earthy, Destressing A rich musky-sweet ​Amaya Ila blend like that of a damp forest, ​the delicate fragrance of Khus ​has a grounding, de-stressing effect on emotions. ​Pratah (morning) banishes lethargy while sharpening the wits. The sensual sweet aroma dispels irritability and anger. The therapeutic properties are antiseptic, aphrodisiac, an antidepressant. Light this oil to evoke your sensuous being.

Key Oils: Vetiver, Patchouli

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Luxury Candle Terracotta Sale price₹ 1,890.00