Kalam Table-‘The Egret on Rainbow Lotus Yantra
Kalam Table-‘The Egret on Rainbow Lotus Yantra

Kalam Table-‘The Egret on Rainbow Lotus Yantra


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The Kalam Table is an example of functional art. ‘Kalam’ or pen is the tool of the Rajasthani Miniature Artist who painted this multifunctional reinterpretation of the wooden lacquer trays used in traditional Indian kitchens. ‘Tantric Art’ is the ritual channeling of divine energy to communicate in creative and emancipatory ways. The ‘Egret’ the bird with a gift of balance, allowing you to perform many tasks at the same time, sits on a ‘Rainbow Lotus’ the incarnation of the human soul through the clear light of the rainbow. This incarnation is connected to the ‘Square’, the fundamental format of Yantras because the phenomenal world extends into four directions and binds the earth in order. This hand-turned food safe mango wood tray with detachable iron legs can be used separately to present guests with dry delicacies. The table collapses for easy transport across the globe. Kalam Table Range is awarded with UNESCO Seal Of Excellence 2016.

Shown here all dimension are in MM.

Material: Mango Wood iron

Finish: PT 087 PC-001

Product Dimensions: 460 x 460 x 525

Packed Carton Dimensions: 560 x 130 x 560

Gross Weight in KG: 6.14

Packaging Type: corrugated box

Assembly: 1 person assembly

Use & Care: Not needed

Everyday Usage: Living Both Genders

Festive Usage: New Year Diwali

Affirmative /Emotive Qualities: Luxurious/Refined

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