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Kalam Mirror

Sale price₹ 16,900.00

The Kalam Mirrors are an example of functional art. ‘Kalam’ or pen is the tool of the Rajasthani Miniature Artist who painted this multifunctional reinterpretation of the wooden lacquer trays used in traditional Indian kitchens.

‘Tantric Art’ is the ritual channeling of divine energy to communicate in creative and emancipatory ways. The series features the ‘Rainbow Lotus’, an incarnation of the human soul through the clear light of the rainbow, and the 'Fish' representing fertility and abundance.

The hand-turned mango wood base has sturdy food safe finishes on the miniature art forms and is available in 3 sizes and variants celebrating the story. 

Kalam Mirror L MDF Mirror Plywood Decor Home Object Wall Miniature Painting Hand painted, crafted, round mirror
Kalam Mirror Sale price₹ 16,900.00