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Anga Dohar Handspun

Sale price₹ 2,690.00

ANGA- Natural Handmade Pure.

Anga meaning body in Hindi is a range of products interacting intimately to soothe the senses. Comprising of eco-friendly, sustainable everyday essentials, the range is developed organically and in line with ancient traditions.

The range consists of travel essentials to enhance the mood and soothe the anga; Anga Soaps with integrated scrubber, Apricot Scrub, Cold-pressed Oils, Attars (pure fragrances) Horn and Neem Combs, Datun (medicinal twigs for cleaning teeth), Handspun & Woven Bath towels, Dohars, and Anga Knife & spoon for the solicitous traveler.

The packaging is designed for minimum impact, with re-useable terracotta, glass containers, and degradable hand-made paper wrapping.

    ANGA Dohar Handspun , Home textiles , Quilts , Textile  Weaving, handcrafted
    Anga Dohar Handspun Sale price₹ 2,690.00