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Article: The Making of Contemporary Crafted Ideas with AnanTaya

The Making of Contemporary Crafted Ideas with AnanTaya

The Making of Contemporary Crafted Ideas with AnanTaya

About AnanTaya


AnanTaya- an immediate whisper of this word, brings to fore a colorful contemporary world of handmade products that bespeak the language of beauty blended with culture. Each product shares a story, traversing through ages, travelling endlessly through time and space with their luster and magnificence reflecting timeless accents.


How It Began


The idea to open the AnanTaya store was conceptualized by Geetanjali Kasliwal when she was expecting her second daughter in the year 2006. A fervent connoisseur of traditional Indian culture and admirer of beautiful things, Geetanjali was spellbound looking at the craftsmanship of artisans. She, along with her husband Ayush Kasliwal, who is a world-renowned designer and owner of AKFD, made efforts to create a treasure trove of contemporary crafted ideas in the form of AnanTaya.


The Experiential Store


The products, ranging from lamps to mirrors and opulent desk accessories to exquisite table accents, narrate the tale of timeless aesthetic décor. The experiential store is essentially a craft and culture institute engaging artisans which form the ecosystem. The vision of AnanTaya is to provide sustainable income to artisans by promoting artisan-made products and creating a profitable business.


Vision and Achievements 


Following the core values of innovation, quality, excellence, integrity, and passion, the brand works on a mission to employ a million artisans in an honorable and sustainable manner. Redefining existing craft traditions and artisan communities by providing design, technology, capital, and creative collaboration, AnanTaya products have received the UNESCO seal of excellence in the years 2018, 2016, 2007, and 2008.


The Way Forward...


Committed to the development of innovative ideas by understanding the importance of the preservation of ancient crafts, AnanTaya has made a mark on the global map. Avowing ­to bring the craftsmanship of local artisans beyond borders, AnanTaya continues its sojourn to bring out new stories in the form of crafts that have been an integral part of ancient India and are now paving the way to mark their presence in the contemporary world.

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