Maahi Roj 2021: Here and Now

Maahi Roj 2021: Here and Now
Date: 23rd – 25th April
Time: 11:00 AM – 6:30 PM
Venue: Online and @AnanTaya, The Kanota Courtyard, Narain Niwas Hotel


What is Maahi Roj?

Maahi Roj – literally translating into Earth Day Every Day, by AnanTaya is a contemporary craft festival celebrating our integral relationship with the Earth. The Festival is an ongoing voyage of discovering the Planet’s Potential for viability, in collaboration with like-minded thinkers. Maahi Roj brings together people who provide an alternative vision of how we can live in a conscious sustainable way, through awareness of our self, lifestyle, and its’ material culture.

Theme for 2021

2020 gave us the time to look back and introspect. Our physical worlds have shrunk and inner worlds have expanded. As we have come to terms with our immediate environments - our homes, our personal spaces, our immediate neighbors, we discover more about ourselves. We have a newfound appreciation of our innate skills and those of others that we took for granted. 

The striking reality of limited space is an opportunity. How do we make the most of NOW without challenging possibilities of our shared future? 

For the 7 th edition of Maahi Roj, in 2021 with the theme HERE and NOW, we aspire to explore conscious and mindful living with Maahi Roj Lite.

The way we experience life boils down to the immediate moment, here, and now, and within this moment, let us build our universe.

What to Expect?

With our collaborators, a group of eco-conscious, small footprint, users of natural, organic, and recycled materials, we produce a showcase of offline and online workshops and talks with passionate makers, devoted practitioners, and environmental leaders. Delightful interactive workshops for learners of all ages, artisanal products, craft, heritage, Earth Day activities will fill visitor’s days.
Together with our retail partners: who make eco-conscious, diverse natural, organic and handcrafted products that portray innovation with responsibility, we present a showcase of ethical design talent from across India. We represent ethical fashion and lifestyle products, innovative Zero-waste Systems, and emotionally durable crafts and design. Select artisans and designers contribute our Talks and Workshops with first-person journeys of their lives with Earth Consciousness.

Explore the best at Maahi Roj 2021, online and in a unique setting of AnanTaya, The Kanota Courtyard, Narain Niwas Hotel, reflecting heritage roots through historic craftsmanship. Experience the interaction of diverse expertise, expressing ideas about mindfulness in our daily lives, and join hands with other inspired individuals paying tribute to the Earth through conscious living. 

“ Our life is shaped by our mind, for we become what we think.”


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