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Venue: AnanTaya store, The Kanota Courtyard, Narain Niwas Hotel, Jaipur


What is Maahi Roj?
Maahi Roj - literally translates to Earth Day Every Day, a contemporary craft festival celebrating our integral relationship with the Earth is back with its 9th Edition in the year 2023. The Festival is an ongoing voyage of discovering the Planet’s Potential for viability. The Earth, supported by air, water, fire, and space elements makes it our only home. Given the overbearing burden on the planet, the festival examines ways in which we can respond and apply common wisdom, no matter how radical it is, to suggest ways of living that do not compromise the future. The initiative founded by Geetanjali & Ayush Kasliwal is to acknowledge individual efforts taken up and to inspire the creators in the design and architectural fraternity.


For the 9th edition of Maahi Roj in 2023, the theme is, EARTH~UNEARTH. The idea dwells in various realms with a central thought of moving ahead consciously. A play on words, Earth, UNearth, refers to unearthing ways of living rooted in ancient wisdom. Living coherently with mother nature & creating a sustainable relationship of give & take. UNdoing the harm brought on by living with exploitative material culture. An-artha in Hindi (UNEARTH) also signifies the disaster led by the discourse of human lifestyle which births the need of seeking the right meaning or artha (EARTH). Artha also translates to currency in Hindi, the idea of success is often calculated in terms of artha, this has forced us towards consumerism, ultimately leading towards satisfying unethical wants & desires of the market, the anartha. Maahi Roj is a festival for all, at the same time, it takes a stand for nature. When seeking change, the easiest way is to start with ourselves. If we as 'takers' choose rightly, what we give automatically becomes a conscious choice. Let us find 'Artha' in everything we do!

What to Expect?

With our collaborators, a group of eco-conscious, small footprint, users of natural, organic, and recycled materials, we produce a showcase of offline and online workshops and talks with passionate makers, devoted practitioners, and environmental leaders. Delightful interactive workshops for learners of all ages, artisanal products, crafts, heritage, and Earth Day activities will fill visitors’ days. Together with our retail partners: who make eco-conscious, diverse natural, organic, and handcrafted products that portray innovation with responsibility, we present a showcase of ethical design talent from across India. We represent ethical fashion and lifestyle products, innovative Zero-waste Systems, and emotionally durable crafts and design. Select artisans and designers contribute to our Talks and Workshops with first-person journeys of their lives with Earth Consciousness. Explore the best at Maahi Roj, online and in a unique setting of AnanTaya, The Kanota Courtyard, Narain Niwas Hotel, reflecting heritage roots through historic craftsmanship. Experience the interaction of diverse expertise, expressing ideas about mindfulness in our daily lives, and join hands with other inspired individuals paying tribute to the Earth through conscious living.

“ Our life is shaped by our mind, for we become what we think.”


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