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Shawl Pagadi Border Dolka 38 x 84

Sale price₹ 6,400.00

Tracing their livelihood as weavers back over a dozen generations from Meghwal migrants of Rajasthan, the Vankar Weavers of Bhujodi have developed distinctive weaving in cotton, wool, and now silk with intricate supplementary weft patterning. Vankars interact with their local clients including Ahirs, Rajputs, Khatris, and Rabaris all of whom exchange goods, services, and imagery related to their weaving.

AnanTaya has curated a range of Stoles, Scarves, and Shawls depicting Vankar culture and community replicated in the shapes of musical instruments, the footsteps of an animal herd, plants, butterflies, flowers, or camels crossing the desert woven into their pieces.

Shown here all dimensions are in Inch.

Material: Wool/ Silk

Finish: Natural

Dimensions: 87" x 45"

Gross Weight in Kg: 0.00



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Shawl Pagadi Border Dolka 38x 84 Wearable Accessory Handcraft, warm shawl
Shawl Pagadi Border Dolka 38 x 84 Sale price₹ 6,400.00