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The Team

Anantaya is a unique multidisciplinary design studio and retail space; it is a melting pot of ideas and sensibilities, where there is continual experimentation with various crafts and materials to create new paradigms for Indian design. We believe that Anantaya heralds a new way of living, with bespoke and artisanal processes at its core. 

Anantaya 's products are a unique convergence of India's past and present activated by the efforts of awarded designers collaborating with skilled artisans. Through innovative use of materials including re - purposed elements in innovating Furniture, Lighting and Interior accessories, Anantaya creates  new opportunities and improves livelihoods for artisanal communities. At Anantaya, handmade luxury is a part of everyday life. The business, designing, manufacturing and marketing model demonstrate s how handmade converges with small batch production to come up with the finest in Modern Indian Design.

"Geetanjali Kasliwal & Ayush Kasliwal"

ANANTAYA, under the direction of Ayush and Geetanjali, has a creative team of professionals that have Master Artisans working at the core of the organization side-by-side with Designers. Clients are invited to meet the front line team at the Retail Showroom supported by Marketing and Communication Departments. Administrators, Accountants and Logisticians work with the Masters, Apprentices and Managers at the Factory and the newly expanded Production Facility and Warehouse for an organization that reaches out around the globe. We work together to make our customers happy, and for ANANTAYA to be a reliable and transparent India brand serving the world.