The Rich Box: Yen
The Rich Box: Yen
The Rich Box: Yen

The Rich Box: Yen


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At AnanTaya rethink demonetization with 'Rich Boxes' inspired by storage containers of the jewelers of Jaipur, using handrawn Miniature painted currencies invented to engage your thoughts of the Global Economy. Inspired by Indian currency and the demonetisation drive with old 500s and 1000 rupee notes, AnanTaya's Rich Box Series has a???' Feel Rich' message? handpainted by skilled miniature artists of Rajasthan.?? ?Put a smile on the face of friends stressed out by demonetization and looking for a new way to store cherished items. Tak?e? a lesson from the jewelers of Rajasthan who store precious commodities in metal boxes secured in their workshops?.? Choose from Bani-Thani, Yen, Brexit. The Yen Box plays between 5000 Yen/Rupees, with an interchange between Japanese and Indian currencies. In Japan large numbers denote relatively small amounts of money where this fact is opposite in India. In the curiously real looking note we cannot know its’ actual value.

Shown here all dimension are in MM.

Material: Aluminum

Product Dimensions: 228.6 x 152.4 x 63.5

Packed Carton Dimensions: 240 x 160 x 70

Gross Weight in KG:


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