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Leather Strap Foot Stool

Sale price₹ 14,900.00

Leather cords traditionally used as gear belts in sewing machines are repurposed and woven to make comfortable natural net seating. The structurally sound frame of Acacia wood is an elegant choice providing maximum strength with minimum material highlighting the linear patterns of the leather cords.

The seat is placed in a turned wood chair frame of simple proportional design including sturdy legs and an ergonomic back support. The open structure promotes healthy ventilation and the woven structure conforms to the human body, while retaining visual levity. Available in a range of chairs, lounge chairs, bench & stools.

    Leather strap foot stool leather cord linear pattern healthy ventilation, wooden stool, crafted, traditional stool
    Leather Strap Foot Stool Sale price₹ 14,900.00