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Morbi Palace Bird Feeder

Sale price₹ 8,900.00

The Art Deco Morbi Palace in Gujarat, symbolizing immortal love, inspired the sleek shapes and natural materials of this range. Make a complete collection of brass and marble lifestyle accessories that come from heritage environments and respond to the current context, bed, bath, and garden accessories fit for royalty, including ​ Vases, Bowls​, Jars, and ​Bird​ ​Feeders.

The Morbi Bird​ ​​​​​​Feeder features a graceful floating turned marble bowl, framed by an elegant brass ring, suspended and weighed down by a marble 'drop'. Balanced together in rhythmic combinations, adorn your outdoors or the balcony with this ​elegant design. It invites ​not only ​birds to​ perch​, ​swing​ , or ​​satiate their hunger​ but can also be used as an offering bowl for welcoming guests!

Morbi Palace Bird Feeder Outdoors Bird Bath Stone Turning
Morbi Palace Bird Feeder Sale price₹ 8,900.00